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My Favorite Photos


As a photographer, I have tons of photos on my phone, tons of photos on many drives, and tons of photos on sim cards – That is probably healthy amount…right?

Even with so many photos, I have my favorites. When I decided to do this post, I knew exactly what two I wanted talk about. When taking these photos and looking through the finish shots – both these moments really gave me a rush of passion and happiness – they gave me that feeling that this was something I was meant to do.

So for some background…

The photo on the left is my favorite because not only do I do love flowers. Remember when my parents gave me my first camera? Well when I rushed outside to start capturing the little world that I was in at my house in Spotsylvania, Virginia – this was the first photo I took on that camera. While taking this particular photo, there were so many dying flowers and this one was the only still fully bloomed. It was such a beautiful scene and I knew I had to capture it. When working on the shot, I felt inspired and just so excited to start my photography journey. That excitement never went away after this moment.

Now for the photo on the right, this was taken about 5/6 years later. I took this in a church steeple. This was driven by a little extra credit – even though I didn’t really need it – I knew I needed the adventure. It was about 30 minutes of climbing and figuring out how to get up to the steeple – when I got up there, I was motivated to make sure I capture all I could. This journey was not going to be in vain. This wasn’t in the first set of photos I took, it was actually one of the last photos. I will say the journey to take these photos was the hardest ones, and I look forward to more adventures like this.

The first photo is for sale and the second one will be in the shop soon! I would love for you to the store and see if there anything that you would like to hang on your walls.

Much love to you all and for all your support,

-Jamie Alcala

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